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Rosa Malseed

"The work placement year taught me so many skills - I was able to apply the knowledge I had learnt at Harper Adams and put it into practice"

Rosa Malseed, from Devon, Rosa Malseed (pictured) is from Devon, and graduated with a BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Animal Science in 2014. She spent her placement with Dalehead Foods and is currently working on a New Zealand dairy farm.

Did you visit the campus on an open day?

I went to HAE (formerly known as HEC) and met people alike to me. The activities were really interesting and I could see myself studying in those types of situations. It confirmed that I did want to study agriculture. Why did you choose to study at Harper Adams? 

Why did you choose to study here?

Three main things: The placement year, University Farm, and its good reputation.

What have been the best things about your course?

It had a good balance of practicals and theory, and it’s relevant to modern agriculture.

What sorts of projects have you been involved in?

My final year research project looked at the effect of level and source of protein on ewe and lamb performance and diet digestibility. It involved trial feeding ewes three different types of protein at two levels through late gestation and early lactation. I took data weekly, sometimes daily. I also had to weigh out feed, and feed the ewes daily. I also initiated a charity project which raised £920 for an agricultural university in the Philippines by creating and selling a calendar.

What did you do on your work placement?

I worked for Dalehead Foods as part of the Lamb Procurement Team. It involved procuring and processing lamb for Waitrose. I spoke to farmers, organised events and entered trial data, and was given quite a bit of responsibility. When I returned to Harper Adams for my final year I was able to use case studies from placement in exams. Placement gave me confidence and industry experience on my CV. 

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