Kiron's story

Fancy being your own boss? Kiron Philips started his own business whilst studying a foundation degree in Business Management and Marketing.
Business Business

Emily's story

Final year students enjoy exploring topics that fascinate them through their research projects, many of which are sponsored by industry, and which often prove to be useful in their future careers or as a talking point at interviews.

— Harriet’s story

Thinking differently, diversifying, ambition and making connections are all key parts of a successful university experience. Harriet's story
”“ What we do to the land we do to ourselves

Turning forgotten ingredients into new foods to feed nine billion people

Food and Consumer Studies graduate Charlotte Reynolds has created a new super food snack
Food Food

Motorsport team in a rallying first

In just three years the Harper Adams Motorsport Team has gone from a reclaimed rally car to becoming the first university team to join the British Rally Championship.

Improving farming practices to save water in the Middle East

Ghazwan Mahmood, from Iraq, is researching irrigation methods, sponsored by his country's government.
Research Research

Making your own luck – crowdfunding your career

Jack Stilwell’s crowdfunding campaign to help his beef farming business get off the ground was an industry first
Business Business

— Joshua's story

Joshua Dowbiggin’s story is one of enterprise, drive, challenge, and business. Joshua's story

Placement year

During their placement year students put their ideas to the test. Working in industry challenges their knowledge and skills in the real world.
Placement Placement

Luke's story

Making the most of a second chance at your dream career.

— Ellie’s story

Women in engineering are breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation Ellie's story
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