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Tim Jobling

"Both lecturers and support staff were extremely helpful and approachable, and often went above and beyond to help out."


Five minutes with wildlife ranger Tim Jobling

Tim, 36, from Stoke-on-Trent, graduated in 2010 with a HND* Countryside Management. He is a Wildlife Ranger with the Forestry Commission.

Why did you choose to study at Harper Adams? 

Recommendations from previous students who I know who attended Harper

What were the best things about the course?

The variety of course modules. The placement period was the main catalyst for me getting my current job position.

Did the course help your career prospects?  

It increased my knowledge, gave me new skills, and above all improved my level of confidence which was invaluable for getting a full-time position

What is the teaching like at Harper Adams?  

Excellent. Both lecturers and support staff were extremely helpful and approachable, and often went above and beyond to help out. Support was always offered where needed. Support from lecturers regarding placement and the completion of my PRP were of particular help.

What are your favourite memories of Harper Adams?            

My favourite memory is the fact that me deciding to attend the university was the single biggest change that I needed to get out of a job I was unhappy with and make a career change into something which has been a long standing ambition. Making new, lifelong friends has also been something very important which I’ve taken from this time.

Would you recommend Harper Adams?        

Yes, because of the depth of knowledge gained from the course and the important placement period, and the high employment prospects which come along with a Harper Adams qualification. Also for the helpfulness and support of teaching and support staff and the friendly and intimate atmosphere of being part of Harper Adams University.

Where did you spend your placement year?

I worked at the Forestry Commission, Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. The job involved assisting with most aspects of the FC’s management of woodlands. A major part of my placement period was spent with the Wildlife Ranger staff assisting with the deer control work which was/is my main area of interest.

What were the highlights?

Learning more and improving my knowledge and skills of deer management, and gaining an insight into the Forestry Commission. Also, getting myself known throughout the FC which has been a major assistance in getting a full time position. I would not be in the position I am now, as a full time Wildlife Ranger, had I not taken the placement position at Cannock Chase.

What does your graduate job as a wildlife ranger involve?  

We protect forest crops from damage by mammals, particularly deer. Other aspects of the job include carrying out conservation work to aid a wide range of wildlife species.

What do you enjoy most about it?       

Working with the deer, which has been a long term ambition, and working outside, alongside nature, in a forest environment.

*HNDs have now been replaced with Foundation Degrees

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