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Matthew Harrison

"Harper Adams offers a great opportunity to gain real experience in the workplace with the third year work placement scheme. A qualification from Harper Adams offers a great head start on the career ladder."

I am on a… Graduate training scheme

Twenty-five-year-old Matthew Harrison is embarking on a career with Albert Bartlett, the UK’s leading grower and packer of potatoes, after securing a place on the company’s technical graduate scheme.

Matthew, who graduated in 2013 with a BSc (Hons) Business Management with Marketing degree, will spend two years on the scheme before hopefully securing a role within the company’s management team. “I applied for the role because I wanted to join a graduate scheme as this provides a foundation to build upon my knowledge and skills," says Matthew, from Lincolnshire.

“I chose this particular company because of its strength within the industry and for my personal interest in the potato industry. Agriculture is an expansive industry which doesn’t have any limitations and during the current climate it is a great place to be as growing demand for food is going to cause a massive demand for jobs within the industry.”

Matthew spent his work placement with Volcafe, the coffee trading company based in Kenya.

Albert Bartlett Technical Graduate Scheme

The scheme provides a chance to gain experience across the company’s product supply chain, from field to final customer, agronomy and agricultural procurement, quality assurance, raw materials scheduling and inventory management to production and distribution of finished products to customers.

Training begins with a comprehensive induction to the business, its manufacturing process and the business issues it faces. The scheme allows graduates to gain essential business skills and invaluable hands-on experience right across the company’s business activities.

The scheme can last for up to three years, during which time successful candidates will undertake a number of placements to provide them with a broad base of experience across Albert Bartlett.

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